Kim Kardashian has seriously beefed up security after Paris robbery

Harder, better, faster, stronger? Kim Kardashian didn’t stick around to long after her robbery, she fled from Paris to New York where her husband Kanye West was waiting with a whole security squad.


Only hours prior to that however, what French authorities are saying are an ‘five man Eastern European gang‘ had fled Kim’s Paris apartment also, getting away with $10 million effing dollars in jewelry, and of course also some of Kim’s dignity.


French authorities suspect the robbery could of been an inside job, however it’s probably true that word of Kim’s location leaked just as easy to just about anyone, and then they were probably casing her apartment knowing they could get away with robbing Kim, or she and anyone else that might be there.


Kim and the Jenner Kardashian clan are known mainly to flaunt expensive clothing and cars, however obviously it’s tougher robbers to steel those kinds of things (although they way that Kim Kardashian dresses most of the time she probably wouldn’t mind someone stealing her clothes so she could go nudist, ha).


Kim’s jewelry was for sure probably insured so it’s not like she won’t soon have replacements, however jewelry that expensive sounds somewhat one of a kind. Celebrity Gossip