Kevin Spacey might only be into Oktoberfest for the heaving cleavage wenches

Oktoberfest is that time of year to swig beer, eat bratwurst and such, and of course heaving cleavage German bar wenches. This year Kevin Spacey (almost easily mistaken for Phil Collins with his derby hat on) made sure he was in the vicinity of some …


… top quality heaving cleavage German bar wenches that’s for sure, and he probably planned it that way. Spacey was seen downing some beers during Oktoberfest at Theresienwiese in Munich with bodacious model babes Sainabou Sosseh, Lena Gercke, and Janna Wiese.


Spacey can of course also be seen on the show House Of Cards, and his most recently upcoming movies in the works are Baby DriverBillionaire Boys Club, and Rebel in the Rye.

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