Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton never had sex, even in the 1970's!

kenny rogers dolly partonEvery actor or musician who worked with Dolly Parton (yes even Dabney Coleman) claims they had elicit affairs with Dolly Parton, accept one, Kenny Rogers. Kenny Rogers (famed singer / songwriter and of course fried chicken food chain owner), says in a recent interview with Dan Rather on AXS TV, that he mainly didn’t want jeopardize he and Dolly Parton’s friendship (however what he didn’t say was that he’d mind jeopardizing he and Dan Rather’s friendship by having and affair with Dan Rather).

kenny rogers sheena easton“We flirted with each other for 30 years”, explains Rogers in the interview with Dan Rather, “and it was much more electric”. Rogers went on to add, “I think once you consummate a relationship like that, it loses something. And she and I both believe that theory, so we did some massive flirting in front of the nation, but there was never anything more than that.”

Dan Rather reportedly off the record scoffed at the notion during the interview, probably because he had repeated affairs with Barbara Walters throughout the years. Barbara Walters was of course a total whore though (as even she explains in her tell all book). However of the same regard, Kenny Rogers said nothing of his one night with Sheena Easton (who was shorter, and way less voluptuous, sporting a very masculine style hair and shoulder pads at the time, so Kenny Rogers might be secretly homosexual). Celebrity Gossip