Kelly Rohrbach so hot as C.J. she magnets Sacha Baron Cohen

The bodacious babes where definitely one of the reasons that the show Baywatch aired for 11 years, and if you’re going to condense that into 120 minutes or less, you’d better have some seriously bodacious babes. One of those bodacious babes (Kelly Rohrbach) has already attracted a big fan (if not only a fictional while in character as Borat) of the original Baywatch star Pamela Anderson who starred in the role that of C.J. Parker.

Yeah Celeb! Kelly Rohrbach so hot as CJ she magnets Sacha Baron Cohen (3)

That infamous fan who as Borat attempted kidnap Pamela Anderson as a book signing, is of course Sacha Baron Cohen. He’s not alone although, as none other than the reality show star, entrepreneur and fashion model Kendall Jenner was also on hand to some one on one time with Kelly Rohrbach.

Yeah Celeb! Kelly Rohrbach so hot as CJ she magnets Sacha Baron Cohen (2)

Rohrbach is of course previously mainly known as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and of course for dating Leonardo DiCaprio just after he’s previously been going steady with Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn. It’s safe to say that Kelly Rohrbach is going to nail that infamous Baywatch beach jog. The Baywatch babes in the red swimsuits weren’t the only Baywatch lifeguard joggers though, as the one and only David Hasselhoff is all set to either make a cameo or possibly more, as his name is on the cast roster on IMDB! Celebrity Gossip