Kelly Brook can't even jaunt

by Yougo Murl

There are obviously certain problems with having way larger than average breasts. Women with larger breasts mainly have a tough time jogging, even if just to jaunt for a few seconds. Shown here, although Kelly Brook is obviously trying to stay healthy, she really needs to wear sports bras (and as for men with large breasts, that might be true for you also). Most say that Kelly Brook easily gets black eyes while jaunting, though usually black guys while merely only standing.

< style="margin-left: 40%; width: 20%; background-color: #fff; height: auto; position: absolute; opacity: 0.9; margin-top: -600px; padding: 20px;">It might be a few months away yet, but Kelly Brook has got us right in the mood for summer with these brand new pictures debuting her new… Celebrity Gossip