Katy Perry wants Diplo, not only with facebook

diplo and katy perryKaty Perry and the somewhat famous (usually referred to as “underground” or “indie”) (well much more famous since now, he’s dating Katy Perry) DJ Diplo appear to be an item as of recent. DJ Diplo and Katy Perry seen together however on previous occasions such as Coachella for instance, was there some fowl play on Katy Perry’s part during the Katy Perry and John Mayer days? Also are there some people who purposefully name themselves so that you can’t speak the English language about them? As if Katy Perry wasn’t enough, Diplo? That’s worse than that indie act Dido is it not? (mainly because you could easily say Steely Dan). Diplo is a statement about being a bi-sexual swinger? Diplo how, and are you saying receiving or giving? Best bet is to say his name originates from the practice of holding dip low, never high? Although if DJ Diplo were to place guacamole dip on his turntables, there might be dip all over the place, high and low. The guy likes to turn the tables (DJ) and dip low for you? Other than that, reports are that DJ Diplo & Katy Perry are a happy couple, and that their relation are not just another John Mayer rebound for Katy Perry. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are feuding much more than when either of them were dating John Mayer however.

NO, test groups show that people do not think swimming, diplomacy, etc, they first think dip, like chips and dip. Most of the same people (not only DJ Scribble) scribbled in ‘would depend on the sexy positioning, whereas if you can dip low on the ‘down-lo’, you might need plastic surgery.

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