Katy Perry took in a broadway show and made sure to show off that new ring bling

There is no doubt about it, Katy Perry is definitely and very officially engaged, and of course she is very officially engaged to her steady once on and off again beau, Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry recently caught the broadway theatrical rendition of the very famous Harper Lee book (and equally as famous as a movie adaptation staring Gregory Peck) To Kill A Mockingbird, and although Orlando Bloom …

… wasn’t also on hand to attend the play, his ring was definitely on Katy’s hand (that hand and that finger of that hand) and Katy Perry is not shy of flaunting it.

Although it is pretty tough to not flaunt such a gargantuan engagement ring as it very much so is, and it pretty much flaunt itself.

No official wedding date is set for Katando, although rest assured its probably going to be a gala event. Fans can catch Katy in yet another season (season 17) of American Idol Sunday March 3, 2019. 

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