Katy Perry seen recently art & clothing shopping in Santa Barbara

You might think that celebrities are only seen shopping in Los Angeles and or New York, however it looks like Katy Perry likes to get some of her shopping done in Santa Barbara. Seen recently shopping for art and clothing it looks like, Katy was of course wearing an Adidas jumpsuit as usual.


Why was Katy Perry shopping in Santa Barbara? Well mainly because she lives there. Katy recently told WWD that she isn’t yet interested in living in Los Angeles closer to her boyfriend Orlando Bloom. “My boyfriend lives in Malibu and getting used to that was, like, ‘Are you kidding me? What kind of life is this? …


… There’s no pop-over and I never really got used to Malibu ‘cause it’s halfway to Santa Barbara, so I’m always just going to Santa Barbara then.” Perry told WWD. “I get the whole coming to L.A.” Katy added, “… and living by the beach thing. But it’s really…it’s so far, nobody is going to come see you.”


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