Katy Perry responds to fan wanting to know if she’d work with Taylor Swift

It’s definitely not uncommon for celebrities to react and interact directly with friends and foes on social media. In a recent variation of sort of both a twitter feud and twitter reconciliation combined, by means of what is now a segue, Katy Perry has either re-initiated the feud and or wants to reconcile the feud between she and Taylor Swift.


The confusion in the matter would primarily result thereof due to the fact that Katy Perry answered the fan with a remark that officially posed Taylor Swift being at fault for the ending of their once friendship. Twitter user Camille (@HerWonkEye) reached out to Katy via Twitter asking “@katyperry @katycatsophia @camilasviews will you collab with Taylor swift?”.


This was an obviously confusing three way fan convergence for Katy Perry, who startlingly although did answer all three back with what you would assume was her first inclination, that being “@HerWonkEye @katycatsophia @camilasviews if she says sorry, sure!”. That was soon after however followed by Katy Perry excluding @HerWonkEye and only including twitter users @katycatsophia @camilasviews with the reply, “@katycatsophia @camilasviews JK ily“.


This might be because of course Katy Perry was actually then by that point taking offense to the term ‘wonk eye‘ in @HerWonkEye twitter handle, a term that means to have a lazy eye, something that Katy Perry has been under scrutiny for on the internet previously. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are still followers of each other on Twitter, so that could mean something or nothing at all (if anything that they aren’t in the habit of unfollowing on social media).


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