Katy Perry promotes global warming

Once thought of as almost too hot because she wanted to kiss other girls, Katy Perry is now the first worldwide sex goddess of Cosmopolitan magazine.


The extremely talented entertainer Katy Perry, 29 years old, is projected to probably have over a billion social network followers by this time next year, her albums and tour dates sell like McDonald’s cheeseburgers, and statistics show that Katy Perry is sexually desirable to 80% of people. That putts Katy Perry at a firm 7.8 rating (9.3 with a bullet if she dropped 15-20 lbs and toned up, or maybe if she just liposuctioned certain areas somewhat).


With Cosmopolitan magazine never before having the same cover model across the board, this is premiere simultaneous global scale impulse grocery check-out recognition, so Katy Perry fans can only imagine the effect Katy’s fame will generate for her latest album, and Katy Perry’s future success as an icon.

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