Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom seen wintering in Aspen, still together

The most unlikely couple of 2015 is now the most unlikely couple of 2016, still going strong. Who would of ever thought that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom (Katando) would be girlfriend and boyfriend. Now more than previously it’s not as astonishing as it seemed originally, and when you see them together now it’s like ‘yeah that’s right’.


On the other side of the relationship zone, they couldn’t pass for brother and sister or anything, and that’s kind more than you can say about Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife supermodel Miranda Kerr and Snapchat tech mogul Evan Spiegel. Sources confirm that Katando is enjoying their time in Aspen, like so many other celebrities do this time of year, and have been seen on the slopes and out and about together quite a bit.

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom seen wintering in Aspen, still together (1)

Katy doesn’t look as dazed in love like she did allot of the times she was seen with her ex-boyfriend John Mayer, rather this time around more cohesive and mostly serious looking. Sources confirm that while Katando is exclusive, time will tell. Bloom is Katy’s first serious and or long term relationship since John Mayer (who surprisingly she is still friends with even though he cheated on her with his cycle trainer).

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