Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom are everywhere together right now

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom are pretty much everywhere right now. Some of the various destinations they’ve been seen at recently include Hawaii, Vegas, and Aspen. So yeah Katy and Orlando pretty much seem like your usual tourists. First on the Celebmance travels plans for Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom was to do some snorkeling off the beaches of Hawaii together.

Soon after they headed to Vegas where they caught the Lady Gaga show, then soon after that they were off to do some snowboarding in Aspen Colorado.

Aspen Colorado is for sure a celebrity hotspot in the winter, and you can see them hitting the slopes on snowboards and skis sporadically until the snow melts. Reunited on and off again celebrity couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom where seen doing just that recently, with their style being snowboarding.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got geared up upon arrival and soon after enthusiastically hit the aspen slopes. Most of the time Orlando was a ladies first kinda guy letting Katy take the lead to do a little shredding while he was close behind. At one point it looked like the where trying out some tandem snowboarding techniques as Orlando caught up with Katy.

Probably not touring in 2019, Katy Perry remains one of the judges on American idol now on ABC with season 17 premiering in March 2019. Orlando Bloom currently wrapped season 1 of Carnival Row for Amazon.

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