Katy Perry looks quite different when she’s back home in Santa Barbara

Katy Perry fans might expect that she live in New York or Los Angeles as her primary residence, however Katy in fact prefers Santa Barbara California instead. Recently seen out on the beach in Santa Barbara with her pooch.

Katy was for sure not dressed like you usually see her whatsoever, rather much more like you’d expect to see a resident of Santa Barbara. It’s actually kind of shocking to see Katy Perry dressed this way, and she looks totally different than usual.

Katy was seen dressed in the same kind of much more normal fashion back when she was dating her pre Orlando Bloom boyfriend, John Mayor, and that coincides with John’s recent interview with the New York Times where he admitted that his new track “Still Feel Like Your Man” is in fact about Katy Perry.

So that could mean that Katy and John could possible reunite. Other than that however, Katy was even more recently seen leaving Elton John’s 70th birthday party with none other than Dakota Johnson, and judging by her recent speech at the 2017 Human Rights awards, it really possible that she and Dakota could emerge as a couple.

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