Katy Perry is without a doubt a Hillary Clinton supporter

While it’s not that Hilary Clinton is the only female candidate for president (Katy could of chosen to support Carly Fiorina or one of the other female candidates – here is a list http://2016.presidential-candidates.org/?sex=female), so Katy Perry must actually like Hilary Clinton (or she’s getting paid to). With the catch phrase “Hillary Clinton Is A Badass” (not really the official Hillary Clinton campaign tag line) painted on her shirt, Katy strutted on down to Radio City Music Hall to show her support.

Wearing a tight white t-shirt extenuating her chest and showing off her toned flat midriff, Katy Perry’s attire was pretty much like fans are used to, this time sporting jeans with an american flag design and a blue bandanna around her neck. Katy Perry fans seems a little more excited that Katy Perry was there than Hilary Clinton however, and really that’s just the cost of sharing the limelight with a celebrity of Katy Perry’s high fame status (who did however appear to have a hair stuck to the side of her face while signing autographs at the event).

Are celebrity endorsements actually an effective means of getting voters? Well not if certain voters aren’t themselves fans of whatever said celebrity doing the endorsement – however with 40+ millions Instagram followers and 80+ million twitter followers ready to pull the voting lever to elect Hillary Clinton, you probably can’t go wrong. That was worth $,$$$,$$$.

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