Kate Winslet rocks leather pants while out to lunch in New York

It’s not exactly known if she plans to start a rock band, or maybe start riding Harley’s, however Kate Winslet was seen sporting some hot black leather pants recently, while out to lunch in New York. Cafe Cluny (not Cafe George Clooney) was Kate Winslet’s lunch destination of choice, and sources indicate however that she made no leather sounds while walking (like Jimmy Fallon’s famous SNL skit, The Leather Man).


All that could be heard was bad girl sexiness when people looked at Kate Winslet’s leather plants. Word on the street is that Kate Winslet’s leather plants would get some pretty high bids if she put them up for sale on ebay. Some fans even think Kate Winslet’s leather pants should be inducted into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame, she rocked them so hard.


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