Kanye’s ‘Swish’ Twitter post might of gotten to Rihanna

Boasting that Swish is not only his, although THE ‘best album of all time’ (as the caption of Kanye’s most recent Twitter post featuring a track list upstaged by Kylie Jenner reads), Kanye West might of just made quite a few enemies …

Yeah Celeb! (question) Kanye's Twitter post might of gotten to Rihanna 2

… (not that they should still be enemies if Swish did actually sell more records than any other album, and yes that does make it the best album of all time because all the people of the world (who bought the album) said so).

Rihanna‘s “Four Five Seconds” collaboration with Kanye and Paul McCartney is not on the Swish track listing however, and either that, or she was due for some PR correspondence and or obligation, however Rihanna looks possibly slightly stirred in her most recent Twitt pic. There are rumors that Rihanna randevued once again with Leonardo DiCaprio at a nightclub again … 

… and they didn’t even get to first base this time (like they did the time before that), however that probably isn’t the dealio. Rihanna fans have been expecting the next Rihanna album (Anti) for quite some time, and it’s been fueled with allot of publicity, although Rihanna has yet to claim it is or is going to be the ‘best album of all time’, or even Rihanna’s best album of all time. Regardless however, it’s probably safe to say that Rihanna’s new album is going to be listened to the most, probably something like the contrast ratio between Rihanna’s twitter followers vs. Kanye’s twitter followers.

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