Kanye West reportedly living apart from Kim Kardashian while rehabilitating

While there have been rumors of Kanye West faking his breakdown in order to win an insurance payout for his cancelled concerts, he’s not quite returning to his life before he started the St. Pablo Tour just yet.


After ending his St. Pablo Tour then soon after spending 10 days in the hospital due to what was described by his Doctor in a 911 call as a ‘psychiatric emergency‘, Kanye has since taken up residence apart from Kim Kardashian, in a rental where he is receiving out-patient therapy.


The real reason is probably that he doesn’t want to be on the next few episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A 25ft Christmas tree was seen being delivered to Kimye’s Bel-Air however, so it probable that Kanye will return home at least for the holidays.


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