Kanye West plays Nashville, and as well as he, Nashville claims to of made Taylor Swift their famous ‘bitch’

Suspended high in the air performing to a charged up crowd in Nashville, Kanye West brought on his famous rap song “Famous“, and the crowd once again seemed to claim that Taylor Swift was their bitch too, and as well they too made Taylor famous (awe, what besties).


Actually, Kanye West didn’t even rap the famous “Famous” lyrics on stage however, as he usually doesn’t, instead he gets the crowd to say the lyrics “I made that bitch famous” in unison.


This time it was Tennessee, and as everyone knows Taylor Swift got her start as a country artist, and not quite yet the pop music icon she is today (although country music is popular).


So obviously Kanye West fans in Nashville Tennessee consider Taylor Swift their bitch, not to mention they too also take credit for making her famous.


If Taylor Swift were country music, then Nashville did make country Taylor Swift being country music it’s famous bitch for sure however.


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