Justin Bieber threatens to make Instagram private after girlfriend complaints

No it wasn’t because people are complaining about Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend“, rather because Justin Bieber is now the boyfriend of Sofia Richie, and some of his Instagram followers aren’t on board (or maybe they were just board). More than a few of Bieber’s Instagram followers (as it was officially taken notice by Bieber and or his people) took to the Instagram picture comment podium, to yell out obscenities and cuss words as though throwing rotten vegetables and fruit, and Justin Bieber isn’t going to have any diss-beliebering, that’s for sure.


Justin was so upset by the ridicule of his most recent flame, that he’s threatened to make his Instagram private (although really what would that do. other than maybe up his follower count probably). “I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate …”, Justin posted as a caption to a picture of Richie with a hand-gun to his head, “… this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like”.


This is in fact not really an accurate statement however, as many of Justin Bieber’s fans are of course young girls (allot of them even more underage than Sofia Richie is (although she’ll be 18 August 24th) who dream of dating Justin Bieber, and so they probably don’t like it when Justin Bieber dates anyone at all.


Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie have recently been inseparable, and it’s clearly abundant that they aren’t just on a date or two, like say for instance Justin Bieber’s most recent dates with say Nicola Peltz. Traveling various places, usually hand in hand, actually seemingly interesting in what each other is saying, it would almost appear as though Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber are on their honeymoon right now. Bieber’s other recent previous posts of he and multiple girls and such (the life you would think he would be living), are currently almost as if a bachelor party.


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