Justin Bieber teams up with YouTube star Piko Taro and talks Japanese

Justin Bieber has toured through Japan previously, and all the while he cancelled his face to face VIP meet and greets, however it looks like he’s decided to give some of his Japanese fans a treat and show up at their school.

Low and behold the teacher of a class that Justin Bieber visited was none-other-than YouTube sensation conjunction style English teacher Piko Taro.

Piko has previously teamed of with Sesame Street‘s Cookie Monster and Elmo, however not yet as a-list celebrity as Justin Bieber (no offense Cookie Monster and Elmo, you’re a-list puppet celebrities for sure).

After joining in Piko Taro for a quick rendition of “Pen-Pinnable-Apple-Pen” (one of Piko signature YouTube songs), the Biebs made his rounds around the classroom greets the students, then just before he left tickled Piko Taro chin (which he’ll probably never wash again).

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