Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian both attacked by fans recently while walking down the street

If you’ve ever wondered why Justin Bieber fans are usually kept fenced in, here is a good example. Although it actually seemed somewhat surprising to him and is bodyguards, Justin Bieber was attacked by some fanatical fans while walking down the street recently. Their mission was to get a selfie with their favorite music artist celeb, whether Justin Bieber liked it or not, and that’s probably not unheard of.


A very pregnant Kim Kardashian was also mobbed by a crowd of fans recently, they too somewhat forcibly wanting selfies. Something that celebs and their peeps have to consider, is that social media is somewhat of a status symbol these days, and featuring a photo of you and a any well known celeb in your social network gallery or timeline, is something highly sought after. So celebs should probably only expect fanatics to get much worse, so they should probably get more bodyguards.


Other than that, the rumors that Kim Kardashian is actually pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby, have not yet been confirmed as untrue.

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