Justin Bieber is attacked yet once again

Justin Bieber has been in quite a few fights during the past few years. There was of course when Orlando Bloom confronted him at a club a few years ago (jealous that Miranda Kerr might of cheated on her with him), the incident at South Pointe nightclub in the Hamptons …


…  then that time airport in Cleveland (where Bieber seriously put up his dukes), and now yet again at a nightclub in Munich, Germany. Video given to TMZ shows that Bieber was just doing his thing hanging out and partying, when an attacker slyly approached mingled in the crowd, and then quickly began assaulting Bieber.

Justing Bieber’s BFF and business partner John Shahidi (co-founder of Shots Studios a company that develops mobile games, comedy videos and the social network Shots app) fended off the attacker just after he’d got in a few jabs at Justin, although Justin got in a few of his own in self defense.


Bieber was then briskly escorted away by what appeared to be a sexy German bar maid wench (or maybe she was dressed that way for Oktoberfest). Bieber was not seriously injured by the attacker, and it’s probably for certain that Bieber might have a sexy German bar maid wench girlfriend right now (probably either what his attacker was jealous of or maybe that he couldn’t have Bieber for himself). There is more than one meaning of application to the word ‘fanatical‘.

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