Justin Bieber has actually disabled his @JustinBieber Instagram account, started another

Well obviously it wasn’t an open threat by Justin Bieber when he gave the warning that he would cancel his @JustinBieber Instagram account, because he did. Justin’s new Instagram account is @justinbiebs.2, and it of course already has 18.4k followers within not even one days time. Bieber’s original Instagram isn’t officially deleted however, and as it stands now it’s merely been disabled per the caption on his new Instagram account.


This was due to many of his followers and other Instagram users who were saying allot of mean things in regards to Justin’s new girlfriend, Sophia Richie. Needless to say they expressively don’t like Sofia Richie. A feud between Justin and Selena Gomez had also erupted as backlash to a comment by Selena telling him to put his fans first. The feud topics eventually also included cheating accusations and Zayn Malik was brought into the conversation.


Selena Gomez has since apologized for her remarks via Snapchat, with an and all black snap captioned “What I said was selfish and pointless” (that is if in fact she was referring to her recent Instagram feud with Justin Bieber). Instead of blocking the people who made the negative comments however, Bieber has done what some would consider social media suicide, and deleted (or that is disabled) his Instagram account. Kind of extreme. Justin Bieber’s new account is set to private.


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