Justin Bieber does dabs, Bella Hadid un-follows Selena Gomez after The Weeknd relationship goes public

Selena Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram, so it’s not like one un-follow is going to do anything to her social media cred, however this time it wasn’t a fake Instagram account that got reported or found out, it was Bella Hadid that un-followed Selena on Instagram.

Although Bella Hadid is a previous Selena Gomez squad member, Bella Hadid is The Weeknd‘s ex-girlfriend and that is probably undoubtedly the reason, as The Weeknd and Selena Gomez have recently gone public with their celebmance 

… seen out and about together in Los Angeles. Justin Bieber however (who deleted his Instagram a while back, not all too much after fans started dissing pictures of Sofia Richie that he’d been posting …

… however also after a social media comment feud with Selena Gomez), felt that dooing dabs were in order, and recently proceeded to so so while out and about in Toluca Lake. Beiber has since stated a new Instagram account.

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