Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie officially not romantically inclined sources confirm

It’s not known if it just happened, or if it happened a few weeks ago possibly, however sources confirm that Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie are officially not romantically inclined any more. Justin and Sofia appeared to be dating for close to a month, a relationship that even included social media PDA’s that eventually resulted in Justin Bieber deleting his Instagram account …


… due to Bieber fans (and or some of those also probably not Justin Bieber fans) saying not so nice things about Sofia Richie. Neither is of course moping about it looks like though due to their parting of ways.


Justin Bieber was seen out and about in Germany and then in France with his father, and Sofia Richie (who’s father is of course music legend Lionel Richie) was seen recently out with friends at celebrity hotpot The Nice Guy, and at the opening of Catch LA over the weekend also.


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