Josh Brener is officially Woody Allen 2016 in ‘Baked in Brooklyn’

Woody Allen for sure has a mainstream and probably even a cult following, and either or both would have to agree that Josh Brener could be Woody Allen 2016. The film Baked in Brooklyn definitely has taken a few notes from Woody Allen movies at lest, and Josh Brener really brings is Woody Allen to the table, maybe even without trying.


While although Baked in Brooklyn probably isn’t considered and instant classic or anything (like most of Woody Allen’s movies were and now are considered classics), Iif you wanted to see some of that Woody Allen style banter in a character portrayed by an actor that is definitely passable as a young Woody Allen, Baked in Brooklyn is the go to ticket.


The movie also officially establishes Alexandra Daddario (who is one of the stars of the 2017 Baywatch reboot) as a serious Hollywood babe. Baked in Brooklyn is witty, dramatic, comedic, well directed and produced, has great acting, and is definitely worth watching.

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