Jophie might be getting serious, time for Sophie’s parents in London

Well it’s safe to say that Joe Jonas knows what happens on the next season of Game Of Thrones. One of the most recently celebrity couples is Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.


It’s not really known of the two of them met, however they’ve been seen together quite allot in Los Angeles.

jophie-might-be-getting-serious-time-for-sophies-parents-in-london-1Recently however it seems like maybe they’ve already turned things up a notch, and Sophie appears to of invited Joe back to London to possibly meet the fam.

jophie-might-be-getting-serious-time-for-sophies-parents-in-london-3Joe Jonas’ previous celebrity relationship was with fashion model Gigi Hadid, and he hasn’t really been seen with a consistent girlfriend until now. Celebrity Gossip