Jonah Hill definitely has an extremely new look for new Netflix show ‘Maniac’ 

Jonah Hill recently hit the set of his new Netflix show (set to debut in 2018) Maniac in New York, and it is safe to say that he’s definitely submerged in his character. Complete with braids, a lowrider car with flames down the side, gold chains, and even a throat tattoo of a skeleton, Jonah Hill is obviously portraying some kind of Los Angeles style gangsta for an episode.

Not to mention Jonah Hill has definitely dropped allot of weight (especially since War Dogs), and he’s almost completely unrecognizable as, especially in character.

Maniac is the story of an institutionalized man dreams of a new life in a fantasy world; an adaption of the English show by the same name.

Maniac also stars Emma Stone. Jonah Hill is also set to reprise his 21 Jump Street character Schmidt for the Men In Black / 21 Jump Street mashup, MIB23 (also starring Channing Tatum) premiering in theaters probably some time mid to late 2019. Celebrity Gossip