Johnny Depp appears to of lost quite a bit of weight again

As where in the recent years, Pirates of the Caribbean franchise star Johnny Depp is a little more stocky than in previous years, he tends to slim down every once and while again, and it looks like he done so again, seen leaving Lady Gaga‘s 31st birthday party at Gjelina in Venice CA.

Johnny definitely made lots of headlines a few months back when Amber Heard divorced him and claimed he’s physically abused her quite a few times (possibly why one of his new style choices is some caution tape just above his hand?).

The matter was settled in court with the decision that Johnny Depp would award Amber Heard money that she then donated to charities in regards to abuse to women.

So Johnny Depp is still pretty much known as an official wife beater these days. On a lighter note, among the other guests on at Lady Gaga’s 31st birthday party where also none other than music legend Elton John. Celebrity Gossip