Joe Jonas is obviously not opposed to fighting girls (or that is getting beat up by one)

Nick Jonas has done his share of boxing as the character Nate Kulina on the Audience network show Kingdom, however at least he only fought other men boxers. His older brother Joe Jonas (while although both he and Nick usually have to fight of girls on a daily basis) however is more into fighting pro women boxers, and that’s allot different.


Joe had a session recently with Ava Knight, the effing world champion of the women’s WBC, and although he looked pretty in shape and raring to go, there is no doubt that Ava Knight would seriously kick his ass. Joe Jonas’ recently officially announced that his band DNCE will be released a full length album as a follow up to their EP SWAAY.


The album is self titledĀ DNCE and will be released on November 18th (where after they’ll be performing some of the songs live no doubt is Joe Jonas doesn’t get fatally injured from boxing Ava Knight).

joe-jonas-is-obviously-not-opposed-to-fighting-girls-or-that-is-getting-beat-up-by-one-3 joe-jonas-is-obviously-not-opposed-to-fighting-girls-or-that-is-getting-beat-up-by-one-4 joe-jonas-is-obviously-not-opposed-to-fighting-girls-or-that-is-getting-beat-up-by-one-5 Celebrity Gossip