Joe Jonas gets naughty with Charlotte McKinney in new video

And you might of thought that only Nick Jonas was going to get naughty in music videos, Joe Jonas (and of course his band DNCE) have pretty much just set a new standard for just how naughty that naughty can be in a music video, with “Body Moves“.


Doing just about everything other than taking the next step and making a porno, Joe Jonas is joined by model and actor Charlotte McKinney in the video, and let’s just say they appear to have lots of sexual chemistry together.


Joe’s DNCE bandmates join the fun although too, and the video eventually becomes a dance party orgy. Primarily featured as the main attraction however are Joe Jonas and Charlotte McKinney (not having excessive cocaine, heroine, or whatever, toxic sex (of fuck money organs then sexually active leading to herpes and or HIV, the obvious eventual party drug central).


McKinney (you woulda’ sexther) was definitely not a bad casting choice as Joe’s girlfriend in the video, and the title “Body Moves” almost seems like it’s a precursor to Charlotte being one of the stars of the Flatliners reboot set to hit theaters in August 2017 (thank god the characters of Flatliners bodies move! Well other than soon after being haunted and what not).


On a negative note however, Charlotte McKinney was also filming Mad Families at the time the “Body Moves” video was made, where she co-stars with Charlie Sheen, and potentially if not only fictionally that presents the possibility of dance party orgy HIV.


In real life Charlotte McKinney is of course dating Scott Eastwood however at the moment. Celebrity Gossip