Jewel Moore, Disney plus size or very Disney overweight?

Metabolism, energy levels, exercise, motivation, psychology, etc, these are all factors to consider in the Jewel Moore Disney plus-size petition. Although yes for sure there are “plus size” people who buy Disney products, even “plus plus” or “plus plus plus” size people, however facts are facts, and a petition such as this requires some habit charts (that would probably only turn into a reality show). If Disney were to allow a plus size princess (all would assume she’s talking about a plus size princes that is not evil) …


… this would not only encourage all those plus size “princesses” out there to remain just that, plus size. The hidden agenda is really attention, and the desire for happiness regardless of what you can do to improve your appearance in order to better enjoy life personally.

Rounding up at least 11,000 supporters thus far on, Jewel Moore’s Disney Plus Size Princess threatens to give new encouragement to being fat. There are number of these plus size princesses, who have plus size “kings” and “queens” as parents, and Disney could sell them. Maybe Mickey is trying to say, “Uhh, Heya kids! Loose weight if you’re fat! You’ll like it and you can look like a Princess!”.  There are people who love the opiates of eating, and so they work out more in order to compensate, yet another opiate. For Disney to advocate “plus size” or rather being overweight, would mean that the character would have to be diagnosed with some kind of metabolism disorder, thyroid problem, etc. Despite being represented by a Disney cartoon character, if plus size people are acceptable in their personal groups etc, then that is just their lifestyle and more power to them as they can exemplify and promote being plus size that way without disturbing the peace. Celebrity Gossip