Jessica Biel seems happy to be back in the spotlight again

While it’s usually Justin Timberlake that steals the spotlight (and it’s probably hard for Jessica Biel at times to pry Jimmy Fallon away from him), Jessica Biel is in full effect with four movies in 2015, and two others already for 2016.


As most Jessica Biel fans would agree, she was total hilarity in Accidental Love acting opposite Jake Gyllenhaal (with the protagonist being a nail that was logged in her head, and even though it kinda of defeated the whole motivation of the plot that she didn’t simply sue the restaurant where the accident happened – suspended belief was worth it).


Jessica Biel has since returned to more dramatic roles (Bleeding Heart, A Kind of Murder, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea), whereas dramatic roles have pretty much been the solidity of her acting career lately. Jessica Biel’s vocal action for Spark however promises to be bit more fun, mainly because it’s a science fiction animated movie. Celebrity Gossip