Jennifer Lawrence seen again without any sign of Chris Martin

Still no Chris Martin seen anywhere that Jennifer Lawrence is, so it was either a one night stand, quick fling, or complete tabloid rumor that Chris Martin & JLAW hooked up. Jennifer Lawrence however is obviously a Roald Dahl fan, and sources confirm that Jennifer Lawrence uses hi-rez printed nude photos of herself as bookmarkers while reading Roald Dahl literature. Sources also confirm that Chris Martin might be in fact sending Jennifer Lawrence on errands to ‘where the lost boys meet’, to fetch ‘whatever drugs they offer’, then they both sing a fun-loving happy-go-lucky song as to add a nice little jingle to pleasantly promote illegal drug dealing and use, of ‘whatever’ none-the-less. Such an influence, also amongst ‘steeling cars’, is very bad for the young and susceptible Jennifer Lawrence, although it might result in a sextape.

Jennifer Lawrence  Los Angeles with no Chris Martin addedJennifer Lawrence  Los Angeles with no Chris Martin added 3 Celebrity Gossip