Jennifer Lawrence attends Paris Fashion Week 2016

Jennifer Lawrence (aka JLaw) is not only an actor in Hollywood blockbuster movie franchises, she’s also the lead contract model for Dior.


That’s said it would be pretty easy for Jennifer Lawrence to have a pretty big ego right about now.


Recently seen in attendance during Paris Fashion Week 2016, it kinda seemed like Jennifer Lawrence looked to be not in the best of moods however or possibly not all too enthralled, either that or maybe she thought Dior should of asked her to walk in the show.


For some reason there were no signs of that famous Jennifer Lawrence smile, and she was more like in game face mode it looks like.

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  • She obviously needed to sit in the front row, and presumably was wearing the fashion items the House picked for her. If you see the stream of photos, it looks like she knew no one on either side of her and felt uncomfortable. She came with her best friend and security, but apparently they were put somewhere else.