Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari play off rendezvous after SNL after party

According to Google (and Google is never wrong), Aziz Ansari currently has a girlfriend (Courtney McBroom (who probably loves ‘sweeps week’ on television), as where Jennifer Lawrence is however single (Jennifer Lawrence’s most recently deceased relationship was with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin). That said, there might of been some question as to why Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari were seen going back to Jennifer Lawrence’s hotel room together after the SNL after party, in order to ‘after party’ (sources confirm).


The after partying that Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari were after partying after, was the usual Saturday Night Live after party (a party after the show so that the SNL cast can have a casual chance at scoring with the guest star of the show that night (and or to aloofly kiss some ass in a social situation). The guest star this time around was Amy Schumer (and that means the entire SNL cast got laid, no question).


The SNL cast after party, after party, orgy featuring Amy Schumer, was obliviously not of interest to Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari however, as they chose to make their way off alone together, obviously not tired although, and possibly to see what they could find behind the wet bar in Jennifer Lawrence’s hotel room.

After partying after the after party is not uncommon among celebs, although it’s not every day they are caught in the act of going off to after after party. Fans wait in anticipation to see if maybe partying with Aziz Ansari changes Jennifer Lawrence’s relationship status. Was it a one night fling, or does this mean that Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari are now a thing. Celebrity Gossip