Jason Momoa & Amber Heard hit the set of ‘Aquaman’, fans will get a good preview with ‘Justice League’

Filming is underway for Aquaman, and although fans are going to have to wait until December 18 2018 to see the film, they’ll at least get a good preview of it as Jason Momoa & Amber Heard sport their characters first for Justice League (November 17 2017).

Amber Heard recently shared a photo of she Jason Momoa, and the films director James Wan on her Instagram captioning it ‘Water break’, as allot of movies consists of underwater scenes, because well, it’s Aquaman and that’s were he’s from.

Filming for the Aquaman is in Tunisia and Newfoundland, however primarily in Australia. King Atlantis aka Aquaman is of course being portrayed by Jason Momoa (the famous superhero with the power to communicate with sea animals and such) …

… Amber Heard is his wife Queen Mera (who also possess hydrokinetic and telepathic powers). Together they rule the ocean, but obviously they are needed to help keep the peace on land too as members of the infamous Justice League. Aquaman also stars Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, and Willem Dafoe.

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