James Franco scared fans incognito at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights

No Halloween is truly complete without going to a haunted house, although most haunted houses just have normal people dressed up like celebrities, not celebrities dressed up like celebrities. Little did fans know however that when they recently visited Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights haunted house that was The Shinning themed, James Franco was actually one of the scare participants.

Sporting a Jack Nicholson mask from The Shinning, and of course and ax, James Franco leaped out at the crowds doing his best ‘Here’s Johnny!‘. Responses from the scared haunted house goes was of course and you might expect, and maybe because also because it looks James Franco was holding an actual ax.

You can imagine the surprised scenario that don’t only did a carny accidentally fall into you injuring you with an ax, but also soon to find out that the carny was actually James Franco. Luckily however that scenario didn’t play out of course, and it was all Halloween good fun.

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