It’s pretty obvious right about now that Kim Kardashian would rather walk around naked

Kim Kardashian has been wearing see through tops and no bra quite allot lately, so maybe you might of thought that she would prefer walking around topless, however to the contrary, Kim would obviously rather take that to the next level.


Seen recently at a Balmain show in during fashion week, Kim Kardashian would pretty much completely naked. Well it would appear that way anyways, she was wearing a woven outfit and flesh tone undergarments.


The flesh tone undergarments are actually kind of a surprise, rather than Kim just letting it all hang out, and it’s probably one step closer to Kim merely walking around completely naked possibly as God originally intended.


Seeing Kim Kardashian naked would really be anything new to most people however, however there are probably plenty of Kim fans that could use some updated imagery.

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