It looks like maybe Emily Ratajkowski is into dating older men these days

The last Emily Ratajkowski fans were aware of, she was steady dating producer Jeff Magid, however it looks like she might have moved on to a much older man. Emily was seen recently in attendance to the US Open 2016, it looks like she was cohorting with a guy much too her senior. Are older men Emily Ratajkowski’s new thing right now?


Like many other celebrities and fashion moguls Emily Ratajkowski was also seen at various events during New York Fashion Week 2016, and the events pretty much overlap. Emily stunned at Harper’s Bazaar Celebrates Icons by Carine Roitfeld, definitely earning the 2016 Iconic Vixen Award (although that isn’t an actual award).


While Emily Ratajkowski possible relationship status and tendencies make older men croon even more of the possibilities, while at the same time most people are left saying that she should be dating someone her own age, Emily Ratajkowski is looking as good as ever that’s for sure.


Emily Ratajkowski’s most recent and upcoming acting projects are In Darkness (also staring Games Of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer), the television serious Easy (also staring Orlando Bloom and Malin Akerman), and a lead role in the movie upcoming movie Cruise.

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