It looks as though Star Trek star Chris Pine’s fashion stylist might be a farmer

There are various celebrities that have farms (for instance Miley Cyrus basically has a farm with all of the animals that she owns, including a pig), although they might not usually dress like they are farmers. Chris Pine however doesn’t have or live on a farm, and he’s originally from Los Angeles (although there are a few farms in that area of course).


Chris Pine does in fact like to dress like he is a farmer though, although probably minus that ‘farmer-John tan‘. Seen at LAX recently sporting overalls and a woven straw hat, all Chris Pine really needed was a piece of hay sticking out of his mouth to complete the look.


The farmer look isn’t really that easy of look to make cool, however Chris Pine made it look cool.

it-looks-as-though-star-trek-star-chris-pines-fashion-stylist-might-be-a-farmer-3it-looks-as-though-star-trek-star-chris-pines-fashion-stylist-might-be-a-farmer-4 Celebrity Gossip