Is Zayn Malik the most flat-butted desirable celebrity of 2016?

Although while being a definite butt implant candidate, Zayn Malik is an extreme talent, not only as solo artist, although also with his previous work in the famous boy band One Direction. Zayn Malik is dating one of the youngest and most in-demand supermodels of right now Gigi Hadid, he’s had a successful solo career, and of course just about every woman and a vast percentage of males lust after him every 20 seconds, but, it looks like maybe he kinda doesn’t really have a butt.


Recent photography reveals that Zayn either needs to wear tighter fitting jeans primarily in the butt region, or in fact he doesn’t have a butt, like maybe whatsoever.


While this makes for a good way to not be jealous of Zayn, for all those male Zayn Malik haters out there who have any kind of buttocks themselves, Zayn Malik himself not having a butt seems like it would be kinda uncomfortable.

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