Is the one ring of Olrando on Katy Perry’s ring finger?

No not the ring of Sauron, the ring of Olrando! (unless of course you are an Orlando Bloom fan that wants Orlando Bloom to bite you in the dark). It would appear that Katy Perry is wearing a ring on her ring finger, and somewhat flauntingly.


Has Orlando Bloom gotten down on one knee recently and popped the question? It’s possible, Katando have been pretty steady now for quite sometime, and there were reports previously that Orlando Bloom was talking of wanting to have a child with Katy Perry …


… (although it was just after the whole nude paddle boarding thing, so you might of forgot).


This would be Katy’s first marriage, and Orlando’s second, as he was of course previously married to Miranda Kerr who has since married Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel.

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