Is Taylor Swift Vs. Kimye a matter of motive and or connotation?

Character assassination? Social media jealousy? Fame jealousy? Lyrics for fame? “Black” people hating “White” people? With Kim Kardashian weighing in recently in defense of her husband (and of course content for her television show), officially releasing a snapchat of Taylor Swift and Kanye West having a relationship (with producer Rick Rubin appearing to possibly be meditating nearby on the couch), the feud is now rekindled (and really is it because Taylor Swift isn’t friends with Kendall Jenner?).


While it’s probably obvious that Kanye was possibly asked to call Taylor Swift by Rick Rubin in order to clear the air, Kanye West is of course a producer himself. The lyrics that were presented to Taylor Swift weren’t the finished lyrics where Kanye claims to ‘Made that bitch [referring to Taylor Swift] famous’.


In the snapchat convo Taylor remarks that the flowers that Kanye sent her got the most hits on Instagram, so maybe that it was later sparked the additional lyrics. Ultimately it’s really just a matter of connotation although, as Kanye West could of been referring to his upstaging rant as ‘bitching’ perhaps, or like what it seems, referring to Taylor Swift as a bitch.


Either connotation being questionable, as it’s obviously far from true that Kanye West really had anything to do with Taylor Swift’s fame whatsoever, as Taylor Swift has been seriously famous now for at least 10 years or something, and is one of the most popular celebrities on social media in the world.

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