Is Lady Gaga the most conspicuous New York city trench coat flasher or what

Lady Gaga of course isn’t the type to be shy, she’ll flash you at the drop of a dime. That’s also true although with most New York city public indecency expert trench coat flashers. Most of those have been know to be a little more conspicuous although, and Lady Gaga’s trench coat flasher style is a bit more, well, flashy.


Even before Lady Gaga may or may not flash people, she is already quite flashy prior to any possible flashing even. There are probably thousands upon thousands of Lady Gaga fans although that of course wouldn’t mind her flashing them …


… and as opposed to most common trench coat flashers out there, they would not have that in common with Lady Gaga even now (even though Lady Gaga is now a possible advocate of conspicuous trench coast flashers around the globe).

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