Is Jonah Hill possessed by the devil again like in the movie ‘This Is The End’?

In the movie This Is The End, Jonah Hill at one point get’s possessed by the Devil, and it kinda looks like he might be possessed by the Devil again in real life. Seen walking around New York in a somewhat entranced expression and possibly sinister kind of look to his eyes, Jonah Hill looks kinda scary actually.


Whatever it is (he’s probably stoned) fans hope a demon with an enormous penis doesn’t show up while he’s sleeping or anything. This Is The End is one of the most hilarious movies of all time although.

is-jonah-hill-posed-by-the-devil-again-like-in-the-movie-this-is-the-end-2is-jonah-hill-posed-by-the-devil-again-like-in-the-movie-this-is-the-end-4 Celebrity Gossip