Is Jon Lovitz already tired of Jessica Lowndes? It there still hope for Jonsicca?

After returning from her quick vacation in Hawaii with Jon Lovitz, Jessica Lowdes was recently seen in Studio City getting some Starbucks coffee, solo and with no big shiny engagement ring on. This probably doesn’t really mean anything and there is still hope for Jonsicca.


Well that doesn’t seem to be true actually, and it’s all possibly a practical joke per one of Jessica Lowndes‘ most recently Instagram tag lines “Many people don’t know this about me but I’m a giant goofball and I love playing practical jokes ? When you see the new video, you’ll see that it’s done with a big wink!”. This is not good news for all Jonsicca fans.


Now it’s back to upscale escorts for Jon Lovitz, and the variety is better that way for him anyways. Jonsicca appears to all be an elaborate hoax in order to promote Jessica Lowndes’ new music career. Celebrity Gossip