Irina Shayk wasn't actually harmed during the filming of Hercules

As 80% of males on planet earth are thankful for, sex goddess Irina Shayk is still alive and seriously sexing up photography everywhere. Irina Shayk’s acting debut however isn’t a long term relationship as of yet. Irina Shayk …


… is brutally murdered almost right away in the new rendition of Hercules, by some kind of evil wolves of Hades. That’s not before she gets in quite a few sexy scenes however, even in the advertisements for Hercules. Scorching.


No on-set relationship emerged between Irina Shayk and Dwayne Johnson however (other than a possible affair), and Irina is happily girlfriending sports jock Cristiano Ronaldo at the moment.


No matter what, even Irina Shayk doesn’t do any other movies, it’s a sure thing that Irina Shayk has got plenty more modeling to do. Hercules director Brett Ratner however denies all allegations that he really only wanted to get a look at Irina Shayk, at least partially nude, in real life. Celebrity Gossip