Instagram hottie Kara Del Toro skips right to ‘slipping into some more comfortable’

Sexy Instagramer Kara Del Toro is not going to fool around with the whole ‘let me slip into something more comfortable‘ spiel, she’s obviously just going to skip right to that!


Recently seen at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, Kara Del Toro decided to basically wear sexdy silk lingerie (and possibly nothing else other).


Model Kara Del Toro been deemed by Maxim and GQ magazine to be one of the hottest models on social media.


That not all though, although she hasn’t yet posed for Maxim, she’s already ranking 71 out of a 99 on AskMen’s 2016 Top 99 (a list that also includes mostly female celebs and models that you see all the time), and also she has done one of the sexy Carl’s Jr commercials.

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