Ice Cube goes shopping for a new purse at Gucci, is cross-dressing his new bag?

Legendary rapper Ice Cube was seen recently having a shopping day in Beverly Hills, however as where you might think that would include getting some new hip hop attire, it was in fact a Gucci handbag shopping spree.


Ice Cube shopping at Cucci for women’s handbags could mean that Ice Cube is secretly a high fashion crossdresser.


Cube left the Gucci store recently in Los Angeles real nonchalant like, with nothing to show once he noticed he’d been seen by cameras, so it’s more than evident that he had his new Gucci purses delivered.


Ice Cube fans could argue that he was merely shopping for a present for his wife, however ‘Ice Cube is a possible crossdresser’ is a much better story than that. Celebrity Gossip